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Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson is a prominent defender of famous whistleblowers and parties targeted by the US, such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Kim Dotcom and WikiLeaks. For nearly a decade her journalism and activism has taken on some of the worlds most powerful actors. She has fought against unlawful spying by intelligence agencies on citizens. She combatted unfair power-grabs like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She has consistently sided with the people, speaking truth to power, and had the courage to speak up where citizens rights and freedoms have been eroded.

Since 2012, Suzie's journalism warned that global intelligence agencies were targeting every day citizens, including New Zealanders. As a result, she became a target of intelligence agencies - the very people she had warned about - and in 2015 was forced into exile by their orchestrated campaign of harassment, intimidation and sabotage.

In December 2018, a State Services Commission Report in New Zealand provided conclusive evidence that security services were, at times, out of control - confirming what Suzie had been saying all along. The report found that up to a dozen government agencies hired private intelligence companies to target journalists, activists, political parties and insurance claimants in retaliation for their dissent.

Suzie has secured experienced human rights lawyers to continue her fight against the "Five Eyes” and to secure her refugee status and asylum claim in Russia. A series of actions are planned to make the relevant Western government agencies accountable for their illegal and unreasonable targeting of her. The focus of this campaign is to achieve transparency and accountability from the security services (who were funded and tasked to protect Suzie and her children's rights as citizens yet did the opposite).

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